Rolling Stone Magazine - Bomber Trash

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It is despicable that you bunch of morons put this piece of excretement on the front of your worthless liberal babble magazine.I stopped reading your miserably pathetic gibberish years ago.You people think you are so"elite and above all"--what a friggin laugh!!!

Have you no shame or compassion for those who were murdered,maimed and their family members you bunch of losers!You are such a ball less bunch of pathetic,whiny,wimps.

You should take your *** magazine on over to some of the *** holes in Europe--such as france--or how about Croatis--they`s kill you the first time to spoke out about their atrocities and you know it you morons.

Grow a set and learn how to print something worthy of anyone`s time as opposed to your half-witted liberal,ant-American,european barf dribble!God in Heaven--you are worthless

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Rolling Stone Magazine - Rolling Stone unauthorized renewal on my CC

Melbourne, Florida 1 comment
Not resolved

I subscribe to Rolling Stone magazine, my first receipt in was January.I was re-newd and charged on my credit card for another year.

It was charged in Aug. 2011 and not due for renewal until Jan 2012. They took it upon themselves to renew WITHOUT authorization from me. Their site does not allow for anything regarding unsubscribe or email contact with anyone connected to customer service, accounting, zip!

Any sight that looks like it would is "Unavailable or shut down". If anyone wants to subscribe DO NOT GIVE THEM YOUR CC NUMBER.

Send a check on "bill me later" option.I use to like them but again.



I have recently experienced the same thing.I am absolutely appalled at the lack of customer service on their website and am disputing the charge.

That's it for me and Rolling Stone.I will just go to the local bookstore and read it for free.

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